Accessibility Programs

As this business grows, I have been working hard to create programs to help improve the accessibility of my products. Listed here are the programs I currently have available, some details about how they work and what they provide, and how to take advantage of each.


Free Shipping

All domestic orders within the United States are eligible for free shipping. Use the code FREESHIP-D at checkout. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts.

International orders valued at over $150 USD are also eligible for free shipping. Use the code FREESHIP-I at checkout. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts. Please feel free to combine orders between friends/knitting groups/crochet groups in order to reach the minimum order threshold.


Sweater Quantity Discounts

If you are buying larger quantities of yarn, we have ongoing discounts always available. The codes are at the top of each page and increase in value as quantities increase. Sweater quantities for larger sizes can get expensive FAST so this is a small way that we can try to lower that barrier for plus-sized makers. 

Sweater Quantity Discount Codes:
SWEATERQUANTITY10 - 10% off 5+ skeins
SWEATERQUANTITY15 - 15% off 7+ skeins
SWEATERQUANTITY20 - 20% off 10+ skeins


The Community-Funded Yarn Project

This program was created for community members with greater financial stability to help contribute funds to be used to offer no- to low-cost yarn for others experiencing financial stress. Donations are accepted through Patreon and the one-off donation listing here on our website. On the first Saturday of the month, the amount collected is calculated and divided into “Skein Tokens”. Each skein token will cover the cost of 1 skein of yarn and buyers can add as many or as few tokens as they need to bring their order to an accessible price point. Tokens must be used on dyed-to-order yarn only.

Community members may also sponsor needles or other marketplace products to be included in the updates by purchasing these items as normal and leaving a note at checkout for them to be added to the Community-Funded Product Pool. 

Please note that we are not a certified non-profit and therefore your donations will not be tax-deductible. 


The Pattern Tester Support Program

This program was created to provide greater financial accessibility for test knitters and crocheters that are using their time and money to help designers put new patterns out into the world. This program requires that designers who are interested in offering discounted yarn to their testers submit an application to me. This program relies on open communication and symbiotic relationships between designers, testers, and myself. Yarn purchased through this program will not be reskeined or labeled to keep time and costs low for me and help provide to largest possible discount on the yarn. This also means that if a designer is collaborating with another dyer on this project, I will not be taking attention away from that person’s work. 

If you are a  pattern tester and would like more information, you can download a free informational packet here. (*Reminder that this program is not open to individual testers and must first go through designers. This helps me to keep track of things, make sure I am working with people that share my values, and prevent any issues of buying discounted yarn for non-test knit/crochet projects.)

If you are a pattern designer and would like more information, you can also download a free informational packet here. We do not have to be collaborating on a design for you to apply. 


”Payment Plan” Purchasing Options

Every order has the option to leave a note a checkout. If you are someone that needs to purchase your sweater quantity one or two skeins at a time, leave me a note at checkout with the following details:

[Skein x of x]

Choose one: [order open], [order complete]

Your final order should look something like this: Skein 6 of 6 [order complete]

[Note: Payment plan purchases are not eligible for sweater quantity discounts.]

This tells me how many skeins to expect in total and whether you are ready for me to start dyeing or if I should hold off until your order is complete. You are welcome to make changes to your order at any time until you place that last "Order Complete" order. Please notify me of any changes by emailing with all of your order reference numbers.

Since you will be placing several orders for one shipment, make sure to use the code FREESHIP-D to avoid overpaying for shipping. If you are international, you may use the address provided below until you make your last order to take advantage of the free shipping code without an order minimum. You will need to pay shipping and update your address on your final order and I may need to send an additional invoice to cover extra shipping costs to accommodate the full weight of your order. If you need a shipping estimate before starting down the road of a payment plan purchasing option, please email me at for a quote. 

Domestic address for international payment plan: 

4735 Massillon Road

Green, Ohio 44232

United States

 And finally, as outlined in our refund policy, no refunds or returns are accepted on this product unless it arrives damaged or unusable in some way. If the shop were ever to close, all open orders would either be immediately fulfilled or refunded in their entirety.