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About knitcraft & knittery

This is the story of one nerdy knitter looking to share their enthusiasm with the crafting world. The shop started as a small Etsy business in July 2016, initially intended as a platform to sell off excess knitted items. Instead, it became a step into the world of design, creation, and color.

My name is Morgan and I am the owner and founder of knitcraft & knittery. I am a scientist by degree, but I have found that nothing can compare to being your own boss and getting to create something magical. I consider knitting to be an art form and I love creating rich colorways inspired by nature.

This is a queer-run business and our core values revolve around equity, sustainability, and inclusion regardless of age, gender identity or expression, ability, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, size, religion, or any other marginalizing identity. This value of inclusion does not extend to anyone with anti-2SLGBTQIA+, racist, fatphobic, or ableist mindsets.  


New to Hand-Dyed?

If this is your first time using hand-dyed wool and you aren't quite sure where to begin, check out this post for heaps of information. Please also feel free to contact me at any time with additional questions.


My Inspiration

My inspiration comes mostly from my nerdy side. I am a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and most of my colorways draw inspiration from the clothing, architecture, and settings of Peter Jackson's films and Alan Lee's artwork. I mostly work in earthy, deep colors, but sometimes I can't ignore an exceptionally beautiful pastel yarn! Every colorway is then named for something or someone in my life that has inspired me. The names are carefully chosen to celebrate the things and people I love - the weirder the better!



Tassie Born, now American Made

This business started on a small island off the coast of Australia and has grown out of a love for handmade, eco-friendly, and sustainable products. Although we now operate out of the United States, I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge my Australian customers' support and encouragement to make this business what it is. Because of this, I will continue to support Australian businesses through my wool and dye sourcing despite operating from the US.

I currently stock two wool bases: one is 100% sustainable Australian Merino and the other is 100% New Zealand Corriedale.  The dyes I use are sourced from a Tasmanian-owned company. My packaging is all either recycled and recyclable or biodegradable with most products being made in the USA. Find out more about the specifics of my packaging here.


Environmentally friendly business practices:

I try to be as environmentally conscious as possible in my business practices, whether that is through my dyeing habits or my choice of fiber. To dye my wool, I use acid dyes which are concentrated pigments that require acid to properly attach to the fiber. Although "acid dye" can sound like a scary concept, this is referring to the small amount of acetic acid (vinegar) that I use to soak my wool and ensure the color is taken up by the fiber. I have calculated my dye quantities so that the dye bath completely exhausts leaving the water clear and I rinse out all of my equipment into my dye pots to ensure dye doesn't go down the drain. I also use an all-natural eucalyptus wool wash to rinse my fiber and all of my disposable equipment (eg: gloves) is made from recycled material.

The wool that I source for my dyeing is 100% untreated wool that comes from farms committed to protecting the environment and maintaining sustainable practices. None of these farms practice mulesing and I will only ever source non-superwash wool due to the negative impacts that superwash-treating wool has on the environment.



If you are interested in doing any type of collaboration with me, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me at any time at


Find me on Instagram @knitcraftandknittery and use the tag #knitcraftandknittery to share your product photos or woolly creations!