Twig & Horn Canvas Interchangeable Needle Case with KA Needle Set

Twig & Horn Canvas Interchangeable Needle Case with KA Needle Set

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Description provided by Twig & Horn's website

Needle Case:

Our Canvas Interchangeable Needle Case is an essential utility for knitters, providing a convenient and compact place to hold our most indispensable knitting tools. Made from hearty 12 oz canvas, these cases are easy keepers and incredibly durable. Designed with 12 spaces for interchangeable knitting needle tips, our cases can fit almost any brand of interchangeable sets.

Each case has three separated sections for holding cable cords, interchangeable circular needles, and other small knitting notions in the top zipper Two small pockets in the center of the case fit a tapestry needle, and an interchangeable locking key.

Cases fold in half, then in three to a compact 5" x 6" rectangle secured with a leather strap and sturdy snap, making it a compact utility to stow away in larger knitting bags.

Straps are made from a deep chocolate American leather strap. Our leather wears well over time, and small scratches in the leather as it ages can be buffed away with leather conditioner, if desired.

14.5"x 12" flat
5" x 6" folded
100% 12 oz cotton canvas finished in the USA
100% 10 oz cotton canvas finished in the USA
American leather strap
Cut and sewn in Maine


KA Interchangeable Needles:

KA Needles are beautifully crafted, polished down to a fine finish, and are a joy to use. 

Each set is made in Japan with a high quality metal join in a gold finish from wonderfully smooth bamboo. The material choice feels unlike anything else we've tried in the past, including metal or wooden needles: stitches glide for fast knitting, without any tooth to catch sticky yarns, but are not slick enough to cause stitches from slippery yarns to fall off the needle tips. 

These sets come with 5" US 2-13 tips, 9 cords, and 3 cord joins. Cords make 24", 32", and 40" circular needles. Needle joins are tightened by a hard turn of the needle, and cords are flexible, great for the magic loop method.