Resources for Financially Accessible Crafting Tools

The following is a more organized list of the resources that were shared on my recent instagram post about financial accessibility. These individuals and organizations all provide an option for low-income crafters to access supplies either for free or at a heavily reduced price. I hope you find this to be of value!


1) Public Library - Many public libraries will have lending libraries for supplies and tools. This is a great place to donate if you have extra supplies as well.

2) Facebook Groups - these seem to have different names depending on what country you're located in (US-based pages often operate under "Buy Nothing" and there is an Australia-based page called "Pay it Forward".) People can request needles or other supplies in these groups and have them donated or paid forward by other group members. 

3) eBay - Many yarn shops looking to clear out leftover stock will list things at a discount on eBay.

4) SCRAP Creative Reuse - a non-profit organization that collects donated art supplies and sells them back to the public at heavily discounted prices.

5) The Craft Bank (started by a community member: Lisa of @lisa_raspberrycrochet) - originally a Ravelry group that is now being slightly altered to deal with Ravelry's accessibility issues, the group offers a place for people to request or donate patterns/yarn/books/notions.

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