Community-Funded Needles/Hooks/Cables

In addition to yarn, I will now be including needles, hooks, and cables as part of our Community-Funded Project! This will work slightly differently from the skein token updates we have been using for yarn, so read on if you would like to know more about how to request or donate tools as part of this project.


Important Notes:

All tool requests are completely anonymous. The only person that will see your information is myself and that will purely be used for communication about your order or shipping. As with the skein tokens, there is no need to "prove" your worthiness to receive these donations.

Requests will be taken on a rolling basis. Once a request is received, I will make a post on instagram asking community members to fulfill it. The post will not provide any personal details and the person making the request does not need to engage with this post in any way.

By using this program, you will receive brand new tools in the brand of your choosing (that we stock) for your crafting projects. My intention with this particular program is to provide brand new products for low-income makers since low-income folx so seldom get to enjoy brand new things that are just for them. If you would rather get secondhand needles, you can find a list of resources through this blog post that were shared with me on Instagram.


How to make a request:

[Note: Requests must be for individual needles, cables, or hooks - interchangeable sets are ineligible. Requests are limited to 2 items from each item type (ie: needles, cables, or hooks) per person per month.]

There are several options for making requests:

Option 1) Follow the link here to fill out a request form. Your request will remain anonymous at all times. You may request needles, cables, or crochet hooks in any of the sizes or brands that we carry. If you have a request for another brand or size that we don't seem to carry, please feel free to send me an email at

Option 2) Go "shopping" on the website and create a cart full of items that you want to request. Then take a screenshot of your cart and email that to me at

Option 3) Send an email with your request list to


When making a request for tools, you will also need to create an account on our website that includes your full name and address as well as the email address that you provided in your request form or that you used to contact me with your order request. That will allow me to accurately predict shipping costs as well as send your products when the time comes.

Once the request is received, the tools will be listed under the "Community-Funded Yarn Project" tab on our website and then we just wait for someone to purchase them on your behalf. As soon as the items are marked "sold out", that means they have been purchased and I will ship them directly to you at that stage.


How to provide support:

When a new tool request is received, the item in question will be listed on the "Community-Funded Yarn Project" page. It will look like a normal item available for purchase, but you will be buying it on behalf of someone else. The cost of the item will vary depending on whether the person making the request has indicated that they can pay for shipping. Once the item is marked "sold out", that means it has already been paid for and I am in the process of organizing to ship it to its recipient.

(Note: If you are trying to buy tools for yourself, please make sure to purchase them from the "Marketplace" tab. Otherwise you will not receive your item!)

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