10/21/19 - Accounting for Community-Funded Yarn Project (Round 1)

Accounting for Community-Funded Yarn Project (Round 1)

At the end of October, we launched our first round of the community-funded yarn project in collaboration with Courtney Whitehead of Creations by Courtney, LLC. With the donations we have collected over the last several months, we were able to gift 21 skeins of yarn total. 

Here is an account of how much money was collected and where the money has gone so far:



Total Collected through website donations (since 5/1/2019): $245
Total owed in fees to Shopify/PayPal: $7.11
Net total donations: $237.89
Total collected through Patreon (since 5/1/2019): $119
Total owed in fees to Patreon: $21.34
Net total donations: $97.66


As of 10/21/2019, total donations available: $335.55


Each skein "costs" $13 which is paid to knitcraft & knittery out of the community-funded yarn money pool. This amount covers materials costs and shipping.

On 10/27/2019, $273.00 was paid to knitcraft & knittery to cover the 21 skeins of yarn that were part of update Round 1. 

As of 10/27/2019, $62.55 remains for future updates.


To contribute to future updates, you can make a donation through the listing here.


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